The Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Charter promotes valid democratic principles worldwide

About Us

The Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Charter (CHDC) is based in Montreal, Canada. It is not affiliated with any political party. We invite anyone to become a member, regardless of race, nationality, citizenship, religious affiliation, gender or sexual orientation, who supports the values of civil liberty and parliamentary democracy. To join us, simply click on the Join button above, or Like our Facebook page.

Our Work

The Canadian-Hungarian Democratic Charter was launched on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Hungarian people’s heroic uprising against communist tyranny. Our initiative is a salute and tribute to the example and sacrifices that Hungarians have made to promote and uphold universally valid democratic principles worldwide. We hope that our effort will help the citizens of Hungary to once again enjoy the fruits of their past sacrifices and we are committed to helping them regain the respect their country may have lost as a consequence of the self-serving, predatory actions of their current leaders. We intend, with this action, to express our solidarity with the friends of democracy wherever they may be.